How to get the most out of your NetSuite software

This blog provides practical strategies and best practices for maximising your NetSuite ERP system, with the aim of helping you achieve your business goals.

7/10/20244 min read

people inside room
people inside room

Adapting and optimising are critical in today’s business world. This rings especially true for companies using (or thinking about using) NetSuite.

NetSuite is a cloud-based business management software suite. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce and professional services automation. NetSuite allows businesses to manage core processes like accounting, inventory, order management and HR in a single integrated system. By centralising data and automating workflows across departments, it helps companies streamline operations, gain real-time visibility into performance, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and profitability.

NetSuite is a dynamic platform designed to grow and adapt with your business. Harnessing its full potential requires continuous learning and improvement.

At SuiteSparkle, we recognise that maximising NetSuite’s benefits goes beyond the initial setup. It requires a proactive approach that includes system management, utilisation and feedback.

This blog provides practical strategies and best practices for maximising your NetSuite ERP system, with the aim of helping you achieve your business goals.

Regularly review and update system settings and configurations

Businesses naturally evolve. Your NetSuite configurations should adapt with it. Take the time to regularly review and adjust system settings to ensure your ERP system aligns with your ever-changing needs, objectives and scope.

Evolving your existing NetSuite ERP could involve any number of tasks, such as customising workflows, updating user permissions or refining automation rules. Proactive maintenance ensures that NetSuite remains finely tuned to drive your organisation’s growth.

Leverage built-in automation and workflow tools

NetSuite comes with an awful lot of built-in automation and workflow tools. These are designed so you can optimise them for streamlining tasks and reducing manual effort. Take advantage of these features to automate routine processes like order management, invoicing and inventory control.

Automating repetitive tasks such as those mentioned above frees up valuable time and resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. Pass these benefits along to your employees, improving your workplace culture and helping make their jobs more engaging.

Utilise comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities

NetSuite is a powerful player when it comes to data, the lifeblood of all modern businesses. NetSuite’s reporting and analytics capabilities provide an utterly unique insight into your processes. Since its ERP systems combine the many departments and platforms your organisation needs, you’ll get relevant data for your business as a whole.

For example, use NetSuite to create customisable dashboards for advanced analytics and live reporting. These give you valuable, real-time insight into your company’s performance. Use these to inform your decision-making through identifying trends and forecasting growth.

Embrace continuous learning and improvement

NetSuite’s power of comes from its constant evolution, with new updates, modules and features introduced regularly to push the boundaries of what it can achieve. While these new developments can help drive your business forward, they can start to feel overwhelming if you’re not prepared. A culture of continuous learning and improvement can help you feel more in control of your NetSuite utilisation.

Invest in ongoing education and training for your teams to stay ahead of the curve. This could come through formal courses, online resources or hands-on experimentation. Find a way to give your users the freedom to learn and develop their NetSuite understanding. It’s one of the best ways of unlocking NetSuite’s full potential.

Stay current with NetSuite updates and new features

Like any good modern software, NetSuite is constantly growing and changing itself. It has regular updates and its developers release new features regularly. These are designed to improve functionality and address emerging needs.

The best way to stay current about NetSuite updates and new features is to sign up for newsletters and regularly check online forums and bulletins. In doing so, you’ll stay informed about upcoming releases and be the first to take advantage of their new features, making you feel informed and up-to-date.

Provide ongoing user training and support

Getting the most out of your NetSuite software requires this critical step. Effective user adoption is essential. Invest in ongoing training and support to ensure your team members are proficient in the platform. At the same time, encourage a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration, creating workflows where users can learn from and support each other through the constantly evolving landscape.

At the same time, prepare for resistance to change. Chat with your staff and other end-users, explaining why your system and its changes are important and how it will make their lives easier or more exciting.

Engage with the NetSuite community

The NetSuite community is a valuable resource. Use it to share and learn about best practices, troubleshooting, implementation ideas and more. Join user groups, participate in online forums and attend relevant NetSuite industry events to connect with fellow users and connect with experts and consultants.

Engaging with the NetSuite community gives you access to a wealth of collective experience and wisdom. These can help you overcome challenges, discover new ideas and optimise your experience. Plus, it’s incredibly cost-effective.

How can SuiteSparkle help you optimise NetSuite?

Unlock NetSuite’s full potential of with a specialist NetSuite consultant. At SuiteSparkle, that’s precisely what our team offers. We’re here to partner with you on your NetSuite optimisation, doing everything we can to make your journey efficient, cost-effective and exciting.

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